Scammers (continued)

The best way to demonstrate this is simply through screenshots from an iPhone. You be the judge and comment or reply your thoughts. It seems like the majority of these are either people wanting me to buy their product that would be shipped over state lines which is trafficking in illegal substances across state lines. I am really not sure if these “Friends” that reach out aren’t really with the DEA or state authorities. There is a possibility they are scammers trying to get people to send money and then never supply anything. Either way, I would probably get screwed. My position with the legal cannabis industry is that this needs to be avoided.

The other scam are all the female “Friends” contacting me and claim to be my soul mate after 40 words of anonymous texting. I mean give me a break. I was born during the day, but it wasn’t yesterday. I lived with dancers and hos for 25 years, I know what’s up. However, so many men my age are abused and victimized by supposed “women” in these scams. These dating sites and Friend requests get old. It is all directly related to the proliferation of the internet and social media. I am not saying I believe all people are scammers, just the ones 4000 miles away that are now in Nigeria needing a plane ticket so they can get back to there now one true love. LOL Bitch.

If you want to do business or have a relationship, reach out, shake their hand in person and proceed. I agreed to accept the requests as I will accept anyone as a “Friend” but you need to earn my friendship and is not by some quick email such as:

I hate to think I am becoming a cynical old fart because I still believe people want to do good and help each other but look at this scammer that on the surface looks legit but later proves everything is about her and no one else. She wants to Get and no intention to Give.

I notice that the first effort in reaching out to establish the hope of a personal relationship is to determine what angle the scammer will take. This will be to drill down on the target’s demographics particularly as to location, age, marital status and if I have children. This is all in hopes of building rapport. I ran a phone room for telemarketers in investments so I know the game whether its investments or donations. Looking back I realize now it was all false hope and promises. Maybe that’s my skepticism in these scenarios because I always say “Those that don’t trust cannot be trusted.” That said hope these give you some understanding and enjoyment.

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