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I posted the below January 23, 2016. A lot has happened since then and really nothing. I moved into the large apartment in February. I moved Laura up here from Texas in September and not sure that was a good idea.


“now I have some girl they found me to play MJ in the reality show. I told them I wanted someone really hot to play MJ not by her. I’m supposed to have sex with her every so often. But she wants to get paid to be one of my interests. I thought I was done with prostitutes when I divorced Laura. But hey, what’s money for – pay for things you want or need.”

I thought of recipe – working guys and gals – Budweiser.

Need canna butter to make your edibles. This is especially critical if you don’t have the money to buy it in a store.

1 Stick Butter slow melted on cook top
1/3 tsp salt
1/8 oz Purple Trainwreck This results in about 50:50 CBD to THC
1/8 oz Sour Tsunami Lion
cook 1 hour on lowest heat until butter stops bubbling
strain butter
pour into butter molds – (manufacture and patent butter molds)
and place in refrigerator to harden

Residue is called Bud Snuff – sort of like dipping tobacco

Then I thought really great idea – flavored Bud Snuff – brand and trademark

That would be a huge market to sell that stuff – I mean what is the market size for smokeless tobacco?”

So there are 2 spin off ideas. This after my idea to bring a coffee shop into the tax solution. I believe there are great opportunities here for our company

And the way to make these come to fruition is to market and advertise. Brand MJ Mikes. And to do that – get the exposure is to have MJ Mike at the center of a reality show. This about the new cannabis industry and a reality show about a cannabis entrepeneur.

I want Walt to be in as himself
Mary(s) to be in
get ex Laura in it
MJ Mike (me) – more later about why I would be interesting
Get someone really HOT! to play MJ – more about her later
about if we had sex for her to get the role of girlfriend on the show?
anyways this will get a lot of interest into branding and also to get people to subscribe for my paid blog. An excerpt appears at the top of this post. I expect to raise the $500K from that alone to secure the debt offering for the company.

This is the first post to the paid blog which is visible at other names might use

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  1. Second signup push will be to release the email I sent to myself when I was just starting this paid blog. The first about the scam. I mean come on people will pay to read this.

  2. I registered and trademarked the name Grow Well here in Oregon this week. That is what I will brand the cannabis ad Agency after. Grow Well is internet so is not confined to just to Oregon. So I am DBA Grow Well 1-20-2016.

  3. I’m also doing a Crowd Funding the return would be will allow access to the Paid Blog as return for donating to MJ Consulting Services (DBA Grow Well). I believe this is also tangible security for the debt offering.

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