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11-14-18   10:04 PM PST

Society Preference

Would one rather earn their right to exist as a sentient being or would they rather fight for that right to exist against all others?  In the advanced society, the limits of life in the physical realm are approximately 1.5 to 2 Billion sentient being physically inhabiting a galaxy when there are approximately 48 to 48.5 billion beings into virtual reality. The ultimate goal of the Dark Empire is to have approximately

10-3-17   6:17 PM PST

Gun Laws

Yesterday was one of the most tragic incidents in modern day history. In a massive shooting at a Las Vegas Jason Aldean concert a gunman struck, shooting at the outdoor crowd from the 32nd floor of a nearby hotel, killing 59 people and injuring at least 500, making it the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history.

Early reports indicate that the gunman opened fire on a concert crowd from his room at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino, killing at least 59 people before taking his own life, and leaving behind 10 rifles. Calling the shooter a “lone wolf,” authorities said Monday morning that they believe Paddock may have used multiple guns to shoot his victims who were country-music fans gathered in a field across the street below.

The shooter was identified as 64 year old Stephen Paddock from Mesquite, NV. Described by his younger brother as a poker-playing accountant with no apparent political or religious affiliation. It is still sketchy as to motive and background but I would say the perpetrator  was mentally ill to say the least. There have been calls for stricter gun regulation.

  • Nevada has some of the least restrictive gun laws in the country;
    The state does not require firearms owners to have licenses or register their weapons and Nevada does not limit the number of firearms an individual can possess;
  • Semi-automatic assault-style weapons and machine guns are legal in the state as long as they are possessed in adherence to federal law, according to the National Rifle Association;
  • Nevada also does not outlaw the transfer or possession of 50-caliber rifles or large-capacity ammunition magazines;
  • The Nevada state legislature has prohibited cities and counties from passing their own regulations on firearms, effectively reserving for itself the right to legislate all areas of firearm law except unsafe discharge of firearms;
  • The state’s gun-control activists won a small victory last year by passing Question 1, a resolution that called for background checks through a licensed gun dealer for all sales in the state.
    The measure also required an unlicensed person who wishes to sell or transfer a firearm to another person to conduct the transfer through a licensed gun dealer who runs a background check. But Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt later issued an opinion that that part of the law is unenforceable;
  • Open carry is legal in the state, without a permit;
  • According to the website Nevada Open Carry, whose website early Monday announced that “a hateful heart was responsible for this crime,” you can carry guns openly everywhere, with a handful of exceptions such as in a child care facility or public school without written permission of the principal.
  • Nevada’s open-carry policies do not allow weapons to be displayed on federal properties including courthouses and Social Security offices, post offices and military bases. Other states, including California, Florida and Illinois, have bans on open carry, while states including Minnesota and New Jersey, require a permit to openly carry a long gun;
  • Local law enforcement issues concealed handgun licenses in Nevada. Nevada is a so-called “shall issue” state, meaning the county sheriff shall issue a concealed firearms permit to applicants who qualify under state and federal law;
  • While Nevada considers concealing a firearm without a permit to be a felony, it is possible to obtain a concealed firearm permit by taking an eight-hour concealed firearm permit course approved by the sheriff; it’s not clear whether the Vegas gunman possessed such a permit;
  • If you are moving to Nevada and have an out-of-state permit, you must apply for a resident permit from scratch, including taking the training class;
  • Nevada does not require a license for the sale of ammunition or require sellers of ammunition to maintain a record of the purchasers;
  • Nevada does prohibit the manufacture or sale of any “metal-penetrating bullet” capable of being fired from a handgun;
  • Under state law, a person may not sell ammunition to another person if the seller has “actual knowledge” that the person: is under indictment for, or has been convicted of, a felony in Nevada, any other state, or under federal law; is a fugitive from justice; has been adjudicated as mentally ill or has been committed to any mental health facility;
  • Although federal law prohibits the possession of newly manufactured machine (automatic) guns, it allows the transfer of machine guns lawfully owned prior to May 19, 1986, if the transfer is approved by Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives (ATF);
  • A substantial number of machine guns are still in circulation — as of November 2006, the national registry of machine guns contained registrations for 391,532 of them.

So it looks like the existing gun regulation at least in Nevada are useless in preventing this kind of incident. What is the solution? Arm everyone to the point that there is at least 1 gun for every man and woman over 18 has a firearm. Possibly require everyone to carry a gun? Gun manufactures and gun sellers along with the NRA would love this. The problem with that rationale is that people will continue upgrading their arsenal. Is it possible that everyone will have nuclear capabilities soon? That’s what happens in an arms race.

Do we ban all guns and scrap the Second Amendment. That is also probably unworkable without a lot of bloodshed. Gun enthusiasts say “I’ll give you my gun when you pry (or take) it from my cold, dead hands” and is a slogan popularized by the National Rifle Association.  That thought would be welcomed by New World Order and Martial Law proponents. Let’s skip that also as I believe I do have a workable solution.

Make a Gun Free Zone in the inner cities of major metropolitan areas. These really are the places that murders from hand guns and assault rifles occur. This would be a specific area where possession of any type of firearm would be prohibited. People would elect to live and work in these areas, free of the menace of people like  Stephen Paddock, Omar Mateen, Seung Hui Cho and Adam Lanza.  To date these four people together gunned down and killed 166 people. Opponents to this plan say it would not work because if you outlaw guns only criminals will have guns and that is true. The only difference is that my plan would actually have severe consequences to possessing a gun in the  Gun Free Zone.  I am told this would not work because there have been areas that have had this designation  before and have not been effective. Currently, it is illegal to bring a firearm into a prison, a federal building or a business with a sign posted prohibiting that. The usual penalties are a fine and jail time. The problem is that most of the criminals don’t care about jail time. They would get to be back with their “home boys” playing dominos and eating spreads. It is not a deterrent because a convicted felon is  prohibited from being in possession of a firearm now. So a fine or incarceration will not work. How about making the possession of a firearm in the Gun Free Zone  a little more serious?  First,  let’s address what the Gun Free Zone is.

Gun Free Zone

The Gun Free Zone zone is what it actually says. It is a designated area in the city limits of major metropolitan cities where gun possession is illegal and prohibited. People that choose to live and work here do not possess guns, visitors must not bring any type of firearm into the area. It must be “checked at the door” or really left in your car parked outside or at your home this area if you are a visitor. Maybe metal detectors and guards placed  at the entrances of these areas. Camera surveillance to insure that there is compliance. We have complete camera surveillance in the NFL now, why not in something that really matters like real life? This is an absolute even the police cannot have firearms, but they could probably still have tasers and possibly guns with rubber bullets. The only way this would work is if the consequences of violation are severe enough and that is the key to this, That is where the Three Strike Rule would come into play.

Three Strike Rule

What is the Three Strike Rule you ask.  It is basically that the tiers of punishment escalate with each infraction. Possession of a firearm in the Gun Free Zone first time offender would be loss of the index finger on the dominant hand, the trigger finger so to speak. Second offense would be loss of the index finger on the other hand.  If someone were so arrogant or ignorant to violate this three times would be a capital offense punishable by death. This may sound severe but people had been warned not to enter this area with a firearm. Maybe gun enthusiasts would do it the first two times so to be able to display the “Badge of Honor” to their friends and say “I’ll never give up my guns”. That is fine just don’t bring your guns where they are not wanted because there are consequences for breaking the law. The person bringing in a gun, even if they are the police are not law abiding citizens here, they are criminals and would be treated as such.

The jurisdiction would have to be either State of Federal in nature as cities would not have the authority to mete out punishment.  This would not abolish the Second Amendment as we would continue the status quo outside the Gun Free Zones. People would be allowed to own and possess as many guns as they wish outside, just don’t bring them in or you will be punished.

This is only a possible solution and will it work? No one knows unless implemented. So what is your solution except to bitch about what others do or don’t do? If you have a solution then what is it? If you don’t then step aside and let someone or some other entity that does and has the balls to implement a real solution to step forward. Saying we have a right to own guns is not a solution. You don’t have the right to bring your gun into my “house” or my place of “business”. Make my area the inner city that is civilized and free of guns. People that love their guns and want to preserve the Second Amendment can live outside these Gun Free Zones. Tie real penalties, including death sentence to gun possession in this area. You don’t like the Wild West outside the city then move into it and the Gun Free Zone. But don’t bring your guns there because they are not allowed.

11-8-16   10:47 PM PST

Voting Problems

trumpToday was the general election here in the Untied States. I had planned to vote even though my candidate had no chance. I figured that Hilary would win hands down. I just couldn’t bring myself to vote for her. It is probably the connection she has with the $10,000 a plate dinners. Anyone that knows me knows what I am talking about.

I did not vote for what appears to be our next president, Donald Trump. I just hope my brother is right and he is our savior. We will see. He is our President and he deserves the respect and support for that position now. He has earned that right but it is up to him to lose it if he so chooses. But I didn’t start writing this about who I voted for. If you are interested you can check it out here. And BTW,  why would The Don look so angry above?  He  can now take on the role that Bill Clinton had as Philanderer in Chief.

What I wanted to post about is how difficult it was to actually vote. We are doing this reality tv gig and thought what a great segment but my videographer was trimming bud for $10 an hour. We don’t have the funds to pursue this and eat.

At first I thought no big deal as I’ll drive over to the library, show my ID and vote. No big deal and not very exciting. When I got there all I saw was a line of cars dropping off ballots into the drop box. Where are the voting machines as we had in Texas. All voting ballots in Oregon are printed and usually mailed. So I went home to get my printed ballot. That was no where to be found. However I did find the printed primary ballot from May 17, but that wouldn’t work. So I went on line and found if you are military, out of the country or disabled. I do get SSI so I can claim disability?  I’m not sure who can vote online because I couldn’t.

After prodding so many followers, friends and associated to get out and vote I did feel obligated to vote today. Also, you can never complain about a politician if you didn’t participate in the process of getting them there. I called up the Multnomah County election headquarters as was told I would be required to come down there to get another printed ballot and submit there. I did not want to drive there to vote, I know who is going to win, my vote won’t make a difference, it’s to far, it’s too cold. I’ll just “say” I voted. People “say” all kind of things at times, but they are still lies and I don’t want to lie anymore, it destroys your soul. So I hopped on the Trimet and went to vote.

part_1478657990386_img_20161108_181732It took over an hour with the transfer to the bus. Here are some pictures of this trip but the selfie video will never see the light of day. I stood in line for over an hour. To break up the monotony and show support for voters a team of benefactors raised from what I heard $373,000 to deliver Pizza To The Polls was in place. When the election official gave me 3 large pizzas I enjoyed going down the line offering a slice to everyone in line. I guess my narcissistic nature came out when Channel 12 interviewed me, as I never thought I’d enjoy the limelight.

This whole new business surrounding the cannabis industry is exciting, especially our reality tv gig. The feedback from the people I come in contact with are also exciting and full of energy. So I voted like I told so many others to. The whole process took over 4 hours. It wasn’t easy to vote. I had a ton of other things I could have done. I needed to vote because I wanted to vote. Good luck Don.

10-28-16 6:02 PM PDT

I usually reserve to post anything for Evening Thoughts for articles generated after 6 PM. It’s 4:51 now but I probably won’t post until later after 6 PM.

I have had several inquiries lately about our 280E solution with the ticketing kiosk. I have had many accountants and attorneys comment: “This is brilliant, how did you come up with it?” The results for me have been to date dismal and not sure why. My theory is people just don’t want to think about taxes. But I will tell you here goes:

The Tax Problem for Cannabis Related Businesses

The Internal Revenue Code Section 280E states the following in regards to businesses operating in the medical marijuana industry:

No deduction or credit shall be allowed for any amount paid or incurred during the taxable year in carrying on any trade or business if such trade or business (or the activities which comprise such trade or business) consists of trafficking in controlled substances (within the meaning of schedule I and II of the Controlled Substances Act) which is prohibited by Federal law or the law of any State in which such trade or business is conducted.

In a 2007 case, Californians Helping to Alleviate Medical Problems (CHAMP), the Tax Court allowed business deductions for the “patient care” portion of a medical marijuana dispensary in addition to the firm’s costs of goods sold. CHAMP was a not-for-profit entity under California law with a mission to provide caregiving services to members of the community with debilitating diseases. As such, business deductions under Sec. 162(a) for the caregiving portion of the business were permitted, and Sec. 280E would not prohibit these deductions “simply because the taxpayer was also involved in trafficking in a controlled substance.” The Tax Court further stated that the IRS regularly permits a taxpayer to engage in more than one business unless the separate characterization is artificial or unreasonable. This is why we set up an example entity “CannaTixx.com” This is a related business having its physical location the same as a cannabis business. It has separate expenses that are shared with an existing business which are all legally deductible.

To find out more about 280E and its effects on cannabis businesses visit our website HERE. (BTW it’s 6:02 now.)

10-18-16 9:44 PM PDT

I am making progress on all fronts but I am very dissatisfied with the amount and rapidity of those occurrences. A woman who I have developed a friendship with came back to Oregon and we had a good conversation on the phone. She is just not interested in a physical relationship with me now. I asked her if she had any attraction to me because that “just be friends” doesn’t sit with me. I did tell her that there are a lot of women I have been friends with that I haven’t slept with. The problem is probably the women that I have been interested in as a possible mate that just wanted to be friends I haven’t stayed friends with very long.

I suppose I’ve gotten to this spot in my life that I don’t feel like I have the time, energy or desire to have a long, drawn out development of a business, relationship or group I’m a part of. If I’m putting forth the effort I need to see returns soon. Unfortunately, I don’t feel like I have the resources to do Pro Bono in any area of my life right now.

Yesterday I talked about how to stop being needy. The key to that is knowing the difference between needs and wants. Others will tell you what you need to do. You know what you need and you know what is right for you and you know the correct path to take.

Millenial Mantra:
“All I need is what I want.”
“All I want is what I need.”


I only bought 2 pairs of Coldplay tickets today for $1000. They will probably sell quickly and I’ll recoup a profit. I  really didn’t have the funds to put there but I need to build my inventory. I could have purchased a lot more but had no money nor credit. I had about $600 cash in the bank with only about $500 CC sales so far today. Have Paypal money coming soon but not today. I need to make another car payment now.

I am tired of this low cash flow problem. I can’t say that I’ll be able to sell the tickets in 2 weeks as the show is not until next October. I could only swing a pair in the 9th row on floor in Houston and a pair side stage in lower section row P.  With fees the tickets cost me $250 each. On Stubhub the lowest comparable price is $364 going up to $884. The $364 will probably sell within 24 hours from experience. So if I held these for at least 6 months I could list at $500 each and probably sell in that time frame for 100% return. However I could also probably sell now and make a  45% return in a day or two, which is the spot I am in right now. I have cash flow problems.

Being a solo entrepreneur I have done things to carry money for a day or 2. Such as the Coldplay deal. I used to take cash advances from Ace Cash Express online and then pick the money up at the store.  Then go deposit the cash in the ATM bank to cover the pending overdrafts I had or to put money on a debit card to be able to buy tickets that day for presales. I haven’t been able to get good credit since getting back with Laura. Even when I was a stockbroker /investment banker I never seemed to out earn her spending.

So some of the presales require a Chase or Citicard but you can use a debit card from the bank. Even today I had to transfer money from my personal account because I got an email from the bank saying my $530 rent check at the office was paid but bounced. This business needs to start being a business and start supporting itself and me.

Ace Cash  charges about 30% to lend money for 28 days, they try to have people pay back within 7 days. Ace also has a policy that you can cancel the loan. In that scenario you repay it within 72 hours and you pay no fees nor interest. So close to the 72 hour deadline I would call up and cancel the loan. Then the funds would be deducted by ACH from my bank account which would take a few days also. After I pulled that about 20 time they banned me from Ace. I called up to ask what gave them the right to violate their advertised policy and what was the reason I was being singled out. I wasn’t check kiting which is illegal. I’m not sure what it was but I think it was legal as I read their contract. I really did learn a lot about the law working in the law library.

I mean look at this 280E crap no one wants to touch but I hear accountants and attorneys say “this is brilliant, how did you come up with it?” I think “if it’s so f**king brilliant why don’t you run with it? I’m a f***ing ticket broker, but at least not a ticket scalper.

Now I have a lot more volume and history with Paypal that they will float somewhere between $1000 and $1500 for purchase. I also have a merchant advance with Paypal for $10,000 with about $2900 still owed so I can’t borrow any more from them. The $10K was at 15%. I have 10 merchant advance people calling me everyday wanting to lend me money at between 35-45%. My margin is only about 45% because of the small inventory. As Mary’s dad used to say “You can’t make chicken salad out of chicken shit.”

If the money wasn’t in the Paypal account Paypal will debit ACH. Then I would wake at 2 AM to see the red in my account that morning and figure out what I was going to hustle that day to cover it. What part of my soul was I going to sell that day?

That may sound overly dramatic. I am tired of hustling for quarters to survive.  I’ll bang that drum again and bitch that I have almost 30 years of formal education which I don’t use at all as a ticket broker. I mean what good is knowing the composition of dental amalgum for me now? Having said this before, I expected at this stage in my life to be a lot further ahead financially especially where I have been positioned. I sold oil short at a record high of $45 only to be stopped out at $50 before it crashed to $5 a barrel. Again the internet was a no lose proposition back in 1998.

I would expect to have made and kept more assets by now. I don’t want to retire from working but I would like to retire from the type of work I’m doing now . It would be really great if I could get paid for doing things such as writing a blog or doing the TV interviews. That would take advertising revenue and that would take followers which I have none. I’m crying again but the only follower I have is myself coming back to post more. In defense of my writing skills I will say the blog is not promoted and actively requesting followers. I am not sure if I would have what it takes to be Kim Kardashian so have been reluctant to put myself out there for rejection. I guess I’m too sensitive.

Actually as an aside when I lamented about the lack of use to all my education, the reason that corporate America is so obsessed with having a degree.  This is that it shows you can follow a systematic plan to completion. It’s not about what you learn. You don’t really learn until you do and you don’t really do until you work at doing it. Ask any processor where they learned to extract or a grower where they learned how to grow.

I wasn’t going to take a dose of med today since I have a meeting this evening but decided to take one at noon. I felt diphoretic about my head and face and just felt weird.  I took my vitals and BP 150/84 and pulse 67 so took .45 ml of RSO. I am feeling emotionally and mentally lucid just not very good physically. As I said before, I did go jogging this morning and felt fine then.  I would like to have someone with more experience and knowledge supervise my cannabis treatment. I am only guessing WTF I am doing.

I am also questioning the efficacy of the treatment. My last PSA test the numbers were down which is good but that was 5 months ago. I had blood work done a few weeks ago and everything there was fine even cholesterol. I thought my calcium was screwed up because getting lot of cramps in my legs lately. But they didn’t include the PSA which can be an indicator of worsening or improvement. Last time I seem to recall 3.9 and had been close to 5 before. I just do not want to hear. “Well, it’s getting worse and what you have been doing is not working. We need to do surgery or blast you with radiation, neither one of these will be any fun.”

My plan with this is that I would be cured of my prostate cancer with cannabis oil treatment. I would be like Rick Simpson or Tommy Chong and have a story. That it would kill all the cancer cells and I would be miraculously free of it and live to an astonishing 120 years. (In sixty years that will be the typical life expectancy here.) My thought was that if I am going to be in the cannabis industry and tout the benefits of cannabis I better drink the Kool-aid.

When I first considered using cannabis oil for treating prostate cancer I did research about it.  For the most part it is all anecdotal with very little hard evidence. The theory and limited research on
apoptosis or cell death of the cancer cells from THC is all good. I just seem to be getting somewhat symptomatic now. I may sound too needy but I don’t feel like any woman I’m interested in outside of one 2000 miles away cares either. However, all my life I have been clueless about women’s signals to me.  I am not too acute to subtlety.

This is my writing style – I drift. I need an editor but I’d rather have followers that liked it as it is.

There have been a lot of women though that I have been “friends” with (read about my definition of friends from earlier posts) that I didn’t have sex with. These were women that I really was interested in before but didn’t speak up. Now if I find a woman really attractive to me emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and physically attractive I will hit on them, but that may not be on first meeting. My goal is to be with a woman, but preferably (like this is original) 2 bisexual women and we love each other and want to have sex everyday.

I had hoped that I would be a prominent figure in the cannabis industry, giving speeches at conventions and other industry meetings. I envisioned being one of the pioneers in medical cannabis being the Founder of The Medical Cannabis Institute along with my good friend Dr. Mary Milam.

I believe everyone in the universe deserves happiness. Even the people on this planet that are only happy making others miserable should be able to be happy, but can’t you find something else? The life style I described above I think would make any man happy and the women associated with them would be happy too. I mean I would be their loving bitch. Everyone is happy. So what’s wrong with this?


prescription-drugs-side-effectsSometimes I get self-conscious about doing this blog and actually making some of this shit public. I’m doing it as a blog about my treatment for record. Part of my rhetoric with the blog could be caused by the effects of the cannabis, particularly the THC on my mental condition and mental state. I was going to put an image up but not sure what I wanted to portray. I thought of THIS image but that’s  not the subject. The theme of this post is the my treatment and the inherent side effects with any medical treatment.  Here goes.

I do find that admitting that I am not really whole and that I have flaws is not within my character. I was going to say that I have always been independent and self-reliant, but that’s a lie. Without the help of my family and friends I would probably be homeless now. It was a struggle after being released, particularly financially. I am being treated with cannabis for prostate, PTSD and hypertension, and it is doing remarkably well.

I had been thinking that my PTSD, if that’s what it is, had been cured by the cannabis and I was now getting back to being fully functional. The symptoms came back on me with a vengeance today. I have been in treatment for about 19 months now with cannabis oil for prostate and PTSD. The PTSD treatment has only recently been added. The first 8 months were with BHO obtained over the internet, 2 months smoking and the last 9 months have been utilizing RSO with the most recent 4 month period continually dosed.

I decided to give myself a week rest from treatment and stopped taking my RSO last Sunday. I wouldn’t necessarily say I was going through withdrawals but my body was definitely in tune with the therapeutic dosage I was taking. A surprising yet desired effect has been the stabilization of my blood pressure. I am now off taking blood pressure medication and it is well controlled. Let me go take it to prove – 127/77, pulse 73. I should mention that I lost weight over the last 6 years, as I have dropped from 206 down to 166 which may have something to do with it.

I have had uncontrolled hypertension all my life. I had gone through all these different tests and it had acted like an adrenal tumor but never found. I almost died when I got locked up, or even worse to suffer a stroke in there. I don’t ever want to sign up for that. Anyways, the cannabis seems to have stabilized the BP without medications and ALL THEIR SIDE EFFECTS.

What happened is I did go through a physical response to the stoppage of the cannabis. I became diaphoretic about my head and my blood pressure and pulse went up. BP 148/92 and 80. I jog 6 days a week so my pulse is usually below 60. So I was getting what could be called withdrawal. I was irritable and will admit depressed. I don’t know if all this is due to the stress in my life. I don’t even need to go there okay. Just say a lot of stress. Read all three storylines here and you will see. (I am fucking crazy putting all this out there on the internet. Hell, I’ve lived a lot worse embarrassment than someone criticizing my writing here. Going through strip searches 3 times a day with a bunch of perverts I think is more nerve racking than someone reading this and saying WTF. Maybe I will be in The Naked Bike Ride next year )

I had been taking what appears to me to have been a therapeutic dose to control my symptoms and still be functional. The traditional treatment modalities side effects are way worse than me rambling on in conversation or change my train of thought to something more interesting. I had been pleased with the results but wanted to take a break to re-evaluate my treatment. My problem is I have not had someone else with expertise to oversee my treatment regimen, leaving it to me. So I was going to stop.

Yesterday my neighbor Devlin had an accident here. I don’t know how it happened but he cut his arm real badly. I was going to meet my buddy, talk about cannabis opportunities and take him to the airport. So as I was pulling out of the driveway I notice 3 people in the front yard and I see them standing over someone and there appears to be blood on him. So I put the car in park to see if my assistance is needed (medical training and kung fu will get me killed someday – LOL). I didn’t realize it was Devlin until later. He had a deep gash inside of his elbow and blood all over his groin and butt area. He was unconscious, unresponsive and fucked up. He had a pulse and was breathing. There was a broken window and so much blood it looked like he had exsanguinated. Having worked in the Dallas County ER, I saw a lot of blood, but this was a lot.

Called 911 and fire truck, ambulance and police car show up. They ask me to step back which I did. They looked like they were handling everything, nothing for me to do, I’ll go make my meeting. The problem the still running fire truck is blocking the driveway. So I ask one of the firemen if they could move the firetruck. “Yea, as soon as we’re done here.” Maybe it’s my self-centered nature but I thought they could accommodate me if they wanted to since the running fire truck was not an active component in the operation at hand. Ok, that’s fine. So the paramedics cut all his clothes off, but I did not notice an IV started on this super shocky patient, put him on a sheet, pick up the corners, put him in the ambulance and drive away. They must have done a good job though because I heard today he was still alive.

So now I ask the Lt. Fireman if they will move the truck so I can go now. Again it is when they are done. With me, since everything is about me and the situation handled and the fire truck running and the driver just standing there with his arms crossed I thought would be no problem. Firemen and policemen are great as they do protect and serve, but they can also be big jerks. There are all kinds of reasons but for the most part people that go into those fields are the alpha male character that has to let everyone know he or she is. Anyways, I said a bunch of stuff probably with the intent of him assaulting me in front of the police officer. Particularly when I asked him if he “knew the definition of the term FUCK OFF?” “What did you say?” “I don’t stutter I asked you a simple question because you are being an asshole.”

What I’m getting at is that’s not me and I’m not like that. I am normally laid back, happy and hopefully enjoyable. I was an asshole to the lieutenant and then the police officer, surprised I wasn’t arrested as I would have been in Texas. In my defense I didn’t physically confront anyone, I was just a rude SOB. I believe it was probably coming down from 6 month treatment abruptly. I have also been depressed, because…… Read everything from before or buy the book, watch the show.

This has affected my ability to function lately and is improved with the cannabis. Normally, I am super motivated to do things and accomplish tasks successfully. I just haven’t been as motivated lately. I kind of feel rejected. No real female companion here, my business struggling along with my fiances. I know I need to sell. Writing this is not paying my bills nor are all my time wasters I’ve developed to shield from rejection. There are explanations for that. I am older and testosterone drops with increased age. Hell it’s probably normal now as I was always muscled up and nearly bald before. Also, I’ve been taking a gram of RSO a day which is about 500 mg THC and 350 CBD so that could be a cause. However, I’m also depressed because I feel kind of isolated even though I’m constantly with people or talking on the phone. If I were still in Scientology I would be classified as PTS and very low tone and all my Dynamics very low also. (That may seem non-sequitur but it actually is descriptive just Google those terms.) But I’m not in Scientology, I got kicked out – excommunicated. That sounds equally weird but true. What it means is that My health is not optimum, my relationship and family situation are in the toilet, and my relations with other friends and business associate are not in tune either. I’m not happy with the way things are going and too affected by it to make an effective change. The cannabis helps. I would like to be in a place where I wouldn’t need anything, but right now I do. I sure wouldn’t want to be on Valium, Prozac or something else, this is better and my life is better.

Brain chemistry can change, as I think it did with Laura, not from cannabis but coke and meth. With that change comes new neural pathways that affect the way people function and think. These changes are not just negative with those hard drugs or negative behavior and lifestyles. There can also be positive advances from changes in feedback behavior, good environment and possibly the therapeutic effect of cannabis. People can change for the better and improve. They can get well. So I originally thought the cannabis had cured the PTSD and that is possible as mentioned above. What I think is that the cannabis oil was treating my symptoms of PTSD therapeutically like all medicines are intended with minimal side effects.

I got back on my treatment tonight, which is Thursday rather than waiting until Sunday to resume. I’ve got about 45 more days of treatment with this regimen. After that I will probably drop down to a maintenance dose but won’t stop abruptly. So that’s where I’m at with treatment now. Hopefully this is useful info.


Keep Portland WeirdWhat’s Up With Portland? I moved here last November from Texas to participate in the Green Rush of the legal cannabis industry in Oregon. MMJ has been legal here since 1998 with recreational cannabis legal as of November, 2014 and just now on October 1st can be sold in licensed recreational cannabis stores. But that is not what this post is about. It’s about weird Portland. Yes Portland is weird as there is even a sign up that says: “Keep Portland Weird” on 3rd Street between Burnside and Ankeny.

Now just because someone painted that on the outside of their building does not make Portland weird. The fact that it seems like everyone here is tatted up and down their arms and legs with so many people setting off metal detectors from their piercings does not make Portland weird either. That’s not weird to me even though I don’t have any. What is weird is dealing with people. Everyone tries to be nice here. They won’t tell you what they really think because they don’t want to offend you.  Seems like all the people I talk with tell me how great my ideas are and that they should do really well, but then they have to think about it or no money to act. I deplore dishonesty and try to tell the truth all the time. It has gotten me into more trouble because like Jack said in A Few Good Men “You can’t handle the truth.” It got me several divorces and incarcerated once. There is a saying the truth will set you free but sometimes you just have to be more secretive. This blog sure isn’t a secret but blogs are not supposed to be. Anyways people in Portland are really nice, just maybe too nice and sugar coated.

Another reason I think Portland is weird is there is not any lightning here, at least not since I’ve been here and it rains A LOT. I did a search for that and came up with THIS. The article said it was because the Pacific Ocean has colder water and the air is drier, all atmospheric phenomena. I don’t think its that simple. It’s a difference in the universal cosmic gradient of positively and negatively charged ions resident in the indigenous population. I just made that up to express that the people here are not as screwed up with prejudice, suppression and the general repudiation that is rampant here in this country, especially in the RED states and really the entire world. (BTW, Oregon is almost entirely RED except for Portland)

There are many things I come across everyday which seems out of the ordinary and strange. Here is a list I found of the 15 Weirdest Things In Portland. Again nothing there seems that weird to me, of course people have accused me of being a little off a time or two so go figure. Of course, I haven’t ridden in The Naked Bike Ride yet. Not sure if I will ever – LOL.

The third thing I find really weird about Portland and all of Oregon is that there is a statute here that you cannot pump your own gas as self-service. In Texas, I was used to pumping my own gas and never blew up any gas stations from the inability to do that correctly. I am familiar how to deposit gasoline into a gas tank or gas can safely and expeditiously. I do think this is weird especially since citizens here in Oregon are able to purchase, possess and consume cannabis which is highly illegal in Texas. Maybe they think Oregonians will be too stoned to pump their gas?

Now, don’t get me wrong it’s good to have people do things for you. When I was the pillar of the community as a successful periodontist and then a stockbroker I had a maid, a group that did my yard and also my pool. I’d pay someone to wipe my butt if I could, which is kind of weird in of itself. Hey I just think its weird you can’t pump your own gas here.


I’m on a roll now as I’ve posted for Morning, Afternoon and now Evening Thoughts. I haven’t written this much – actually ever! I was going to leave this last post below from the 5th as the home page. It explains the idea of ticket broker well. I probably need to do a video on that and just keep posting. It is rather egotistical of myself to think that people would be interested in what I have to say. I mean really who am I and what have I accomplished? Some people would say nobody and nothing. I beg to differ. I have had notoriety and and been in the spotlight. I have had a LOT of education and have been successful in business. I may not have been POTUS, accomplished what Bill Gates or Mark Cuban have but I am truly somebody with valid and meaningful ideas and thoughts. Yea, because of that listen up people.

A woman just called me that I haven’t talked with for a couple of weeks. Last time I saw her was 2 weeks ago yesterday for coffee. She wanted some legal advice and even though I’m not an attorney I guess she thought I would know the answer since I have had all those legal issues. I was really attracted to her and she played the just want to be friends line with me. So anyway she evidently is not as attracted to me as I am to her. This dating game is a bunch of crap. I mean if I show too much interest they back off. It’s a compliment to tell someone you find them very attractive and sexually desirable but evidently she didn’t. I don’t look like Murray the Ticket Scalper in the picture in the below post any longer but rather the bald headed guy further down is the image I currently portray now. So I don’t think I am hideous maybe just too weird. But hey this is Portland, I should fit in.

buy-tickets-now-buttonBTW – all the tickets I had I sold for this week over the last 6 months amounted to $13,200 but additionally I ate right ate $1,300 worth of tickets for shows Monday thru Sunday – with expired, worthless tickets from Saturday amounting to $903 cost factor. If the inventory is values at a cost of $50,000 and eat $903 in a week that amounts to 1.8% of the inventory which would be very bad except for the fact that the $13,200 equaled a margin of 84% profit. That business would be doing great if I had $500K in inventory – I need some investors also not just an editor – LOL

Laura got up again today at 4:08 PM and and we had some interaction initially. I showed her some of my posts to get her approval I guess. We started watching a movie – Husbands and Wives but I have seen it so many times came back to check on tickets, money, maybe post – here I am. She comes in to my little office to ask when I can get her the $2200  I owe her. I just laugh. Something funny?  No but you do seem way serious. When it comes to my money i am serious.

I think, shit no one wants to know what I think as it might land someone in court for something. I am supporting her here. She isn’t doing anything for me, actually hindering my performance working, earning and really existing. So why am I helping her? Because I CAN and what I probably SHOULD do. (click on that link to read about my take on SHOULD)  Hmmm, maybe she is trying to send me a message with the movie, look at the title. I better go watch it.


"Murray" the Ticket Broker
“Murray” the Ticket Scalper

I talked with a dispensary owner this week about installing the ticket broker kiosk into his reception area to help mitigate the effects of 280E but also increase traffic to his store. He said he didn’t want to be a ticket scalper. I realize now that not all people have positive opinions about the secondary ticket market. What I thought I could have said was: “Yea, I understand you wouldn’t want to do anything to damage the positive image you have developed in your neighborhood by trafficking in illegal drugs which cannabis still is. Especially if people thought you were now a licensed, legal ticket broker?” I used to be good at sales as a stockbroker. Since being a full time ticket broker the last 9 years I am not as apt to coddle people and their opinions now as I did then.

I wrote a couple of blog posts on Ticket Scalper vs. Ticket Broker and Concerts & Cannabis to explain this business better but some people just don’t like some things including ticket brokers or what they think of the ticketing business. I mean really all of the negative feedback about a marijuana business and he is afraid someone will think badly of him for re-selling event tickets? It’s a $22 billion dollar a year industry. You don’t have to be 1000 feet from a school or playground if you have a ticket brokerage.

MJ Mike
“MJ Mike” Ticket Broker Cannabis Ad Executive

Really, the bad name has come from the ticket scalper. When I came here last November I was “Murray The Ticket Scalper” as the picture above shows. now I am “MJ Mike” the Ad Executive and Ticket Broker seen here.


It has been 10 months since I wrote on this post for Evening Thoughts, I don’t think it was I didn’t have any thoughts – it was I was preoccupied with other thoughts, MONEY, WOMEN and POLITICS. If anyone ever reads the next post they will probably hunt me down and shoot me – especially women. I’ll probably be accused of being a self-centered misogynist – but here it is:

Difference in a Friend and an Acquaintance

I recently met a very attractive woman, whom I thought had a lot of interest in me as a man, so I put the move on her and asked her out. She came back with she wasn’t ready for that, just got out of a traumatic engagement and just wanted to be friends rhetoric. Which is fine and is her prerogative, and is ok but don’t tell me you want to be my friend when you reject me from one of the most friendly and trusting acts two humans can experience together. The truth is a lot better. If you are not attracted to someone say it. Don’t try to veil it with let’s just be friends and then show up at some mixer with the hot guy from sales. Happened to my buddy couple weeks ago.

A cup of coffee is nice and conversation while on a walk in the park is significant in getting to know a person. Building a friendship takes time in understanding what makes that other person tick and what they like and don’t like. Doing things for that other person is a two way street whether it’s checking up on your friend to make sure they are all right or remembering their birthday. Being a friend is not just complimenting the other but rather is your friend lifting up your spirits when you are down and you cheering them up when they are down.

A true friend is the one that you turn to when you can’t solve your problems yourself. When your world has come crashing down they are the one that props you up and has your back. The friend is the one you can trust, the one you confide in and bare your inner soul to. A true friend trusts you and you trust them.

When I practiced dentistry in Texas I thought I had a lot of friends. When things went badly for me I realized the difference between a friend and an acquaintance.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you can’t be friends with an acquaintance, and that your interactions with your business associates and acquaintances can’t be friendly, but are they the ones you would go to if you REALLY needed to? Of course not. There is an old saying you don’t borrow money from a friend and that’s a given because the friend doesn’t lend you the money you need, they give it to you. You wouldn’t be asking for it if you didn’t need it, because you wouldn’t be a friend asking for money you didn’t really need but only wanted.

The same is true about sex. As I said above, sex is probably the most friendly and trusting act two humans can experience together. That’s when it is mutual and sharing. If someone trusts someone else enough to share sex together I would consider them friendly. Someone that rejects another’s advances is doing exactly that, rejecting the other person. Rejection is not a friendly act. So someone that trusts someone enough, but more importantly to them is that they trust the other person enough to have sex with, that person is worthy enough to be their friend. It just doesn’t equate when someone says they just want to be friends with someone but rejects their advances of friendship. It sounds strange but it is not friendly to say “I just want to be friends.”

I do have a lot of acquaintances that I interact with in social and business situations, and usually I try to keep things friendly. However, over the years there have been lessons learned about business dealings, friendships, handshakes, verbal communications and intentions. Cynicism is a developed trait and sinks in from a life of disappointments, lies and mistrust and usually not one sided. When someone is young and for the most part naive, they are very trusting and accept others for face value. They are usually for the most part trustworthy themselves. The corporate, business world seems to develop all those negative qualities in oneself those of mistrust, cynicism, secrecy, greed, loss of ethics and dishonesty. Since being in and around the cannabis culture I am surrounded with many more positive traits than the ones so evident in the corporate and business world. That will be a separate post writing about cannabis: Trust, Ethics & Money.

While in Texas practicing periodontics, I was doing very well. I was a member of several organizations. President of my Rotary Club and the Toastmasters Club I belonged to. I was on a committee for the Chamber of Commerce to welcome new businesses into the community and was even asked to run for a position on the local school board. I had what I thought were a lot of friends. There was a very tragic event that occurred in my office in which a patient died.

I was found professionally, financially and criminally liable for the death. Subsequently, I lost pretty much everything, career, family, what I thought were friends and I had to declare bankruptcy and start over from scratch at 40. On top of that I was excommunicated from my church and convicted, sentenced and served 4 years in prison. There I came in contact with a lot of people that wished to be my “friend” but never were successful (I never had to take it up the butt or suck anyone off). I had a lot of acquaintances there that I would eat with, play dominoes and work out with. There was always this underlying feeling of mistrust and paranoia that permeated that environment. It was just different and needs were different.

Unfortunately with men I have never felt completely comfortable. It seems that I have always been blessed to be with a woman that all men have desired and wished to have as their significant other, especially when I was a stockbroker/investment banker. I was always the character Frank from the movie Scarface dealing with the Tony Montanas. Tony said he never lied but he sure was always about himself. It is hard to have someone as a friend that is a self-centered, egotistical megalomaniac and a lot of the people in that industry were and still are.

There is so much charge, emotion and potential upset associated with sex and it is unnecessary. Sex is and should be special. It is the culmination of personal communication between people. It can also be a source of great pain, abuse, hostility and remorse if approached from a monolithic, selfish standpoint. I can talk about this now from this viewpoint, having matured away from casual, selfish, meaningless sexual encounters to fulfilling relationships. I have very few friends now but a ton of friendly acquaintances.

My friends are the few women that I feel really close with and have sexual relations with. They are the ones that I trust and they trust me. These thoughts maybe described as rather shallow and banal and from a practical standpoint they are. However, it serves me to tell the difference between a true friend and a mere acquaintance.


Why do I think people would pay to subscribe to My Blog?

  1. I would be interesting in that I am starting a new business in the new Cannabis Industry. I’m doing this from a difficult situation as I am not funded but rather doing this from a shoestring budget.
  2. I am starting this new business when most people my age start thinking about retiring. I moved across country to a new area for me. This is exciting to see what happens to this “Old Fart”.
  3. Since I am in the cannabis industry I have elected to treat myself with Medical Marijuana extracts and derivatives rather than with conventional western medicine. If I am going to preach about the positives of cannabis I need to “Drink the Koolaid”.
  4. The Blog is a stepping stone to a reality TV Series about a new cannabis business and the events and days involved with it.
  5. I am going through a divorce after a long term relationship for except for the 4 years in prison spanned 25 years. Along with what happens there. If written right that would be interesting in of itself – not to mention I’m barred from posting anything on social media by the court.  She would be a very interesting character – ex-dancer, made money from going on dates with men, been hospitalized 3 times in the last year and a half for mental issues – and outside of our separation for her elderly abuse conviction – there are many more things. Just talk with her as she would be an interesting character.
  6. Understanding about how the event ticket business works and how I had supported my family after losing my previous occupations and other turmoil in life is also noteworthy and could be very interesting. I will give a running overview of the ticket brokerage business and explaining how to integrate it into the cannabis business along with the coffee bistro.

So subscribe to our blog – It will be more than worth the subscription fee – We guarantee it!

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