Afternoon Thoughts


Today is my birthday! Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me.  I’ve had several people call me to wish me well. It has been 5 months since I’ve been on this site and written on this blog. There has been a lot happen since then and then again not much. I’m still being treated with RSO. My ticketing business is doing well – only thing making me money. Haven’t gotten any dispensaries to put in the ticket brokerage nor coffee bistro even though EVERYONE says its great. Haven’t been able to hire any sales people as have no money to pay a base salary and no one will work on straight commission with a new company. My daughter called to wish me happy birthday even though I haven’t seen them since moving here in November. I don’t want to say anything about girlfriend/ex wife as that is definitely not where I want it or even expect that aspect of my life to be. Yea – Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me.


Still haven’t made the posting live on Indiegogo   I am laying groundwork for the television program with the contacts I’m making.  I am talking with 2 people this week about co-founder – A lawyer and an accountant. I do need someone else to help me with this.  Woke up this morning with a headache – too much dabs? The NW Cannabis Club I joined will be a great place to make contacts and meet people. And there is an interesting element MJ MIKEthere. Think it will be great for the show. I’m doing some raw footage to condense into a 45 sec promo piece for the Cannabis Reality show.

Someone gave me a cap last night and think may start wearing a cap instead of my bald head. I may shave my head and wear caps – baseball or like this. May make me look little younger and more accepted. You know my main goal with this whole business is to meet women – LOL.


I am still delaying posting the cannabis reality project on Indiegogo. I want to get some feed back and haven’t yet. I’ve asked several people to eval and give me feedback. But as you can see don’t want to be bothered by this written journal. I have to think about speling and typing (LOL came back and see misspelled word spelling – irony) rather than let it flow – could get a recorder – well that’s what the tv show is. I went to the atheists meeting this morning – I get the felling (misspelled feeling – probably my typing) that I am foreign to them but enjoy going and talking with them. I mean I am opinionated but they are too. They think it is not OK for everyone to have a right to their beliefs but if they don’t agree they should discuss their disagreement. People’s philosophy are set and no matter what you are not going to change that person and why should they. This needs to get out there on the TV show. Anyway I was watching Blue Bloods and Frank asks the cop in trouble if you could get a do-over would there be anything you would do differently. What is the answer? No – then OK move on we’re done here. Yes – OK then let’s relive that again. – The past, the present and the future. – conviction, punishment and rehabilitation….

I also got to thinking about this 280E solution and will need to do some kind of posting on it – to explain away this objection. Mary – the oncologist stated she was looking for new accountant and she didn’t want to get a daredevil. Someone that would take risks which I would call an innovative accountant. I said what she needed wasn’t an accountant but rather a bookkeeper. Said “no I need an accountant.” An accountant should find different tax planning/saving methods and present them with a recommendation. To just do the status quo is not fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities. The client can accept or reject the suggestion as they are the one paying the bills. But as one CPA in Colorado that only works in cannabis told his clients. “Don’t do anything and just pay the taxes. Nothing we can do” – I told him that kind of attitude that there is “nothing we can do” was what got 6 million Jews killed during WWII. Maybe that is stretching it but in this industry the effective tax rate can be as high as 90% with 280E.  But then I thought about what a cannabis attorney in Colorado said – they represent clients that are “Our clients are trailblazers, building a new and vibrant industry from scratch.”  What MJ Consulting is taking the IRS code and using it to help lessen the effects of 280E. Everyone in this industry is going to be audited and i don’t think it is reckless to take deductions that you are entitled to. And really most businesses are able to take normal business deductions. It is not that accountant’s money it is our money that is being saved by this.  I have an easy to implement solution, that is cost effective, people even tell me – hey this is brilliant. If it is so fucking brilliant why doesn’t someone help run with it?

Supposed to have meeting today regarding business. Got sidetracked with groceries and job applicants. Got this email from “Cannabis Conscious 1/31”  with a piece on the benefits of CBC on cancer treatment. However, in their piece the chart on Cannabinoid Education it lists CBC as encouraging cell growth rather than “inhibit tumor growth” as is stated. It is CBD that does this not CBC. And the treatment regimen I would follow is 60 grams of cannabis oil taken over a 90 day time window. This at a ratio of 50:50 THC to CBD.
I need money to make this business happen.


I posted a job request on Indeed. This for a Ticket Broker Trainee – to learn the business from me and expand on that. Guy I talked with Darren seemed to be a fit – money motivated to help his family – what would you do for money – are you honest and loyal. Do whatever it takes does not sound honest – but that could depend on your level of ethics and how desperate you were?  I mean its easy to be ethical when everything is taken care of and no worries about anything. But how desperate does someone have to become in order to violate their own ethical code for a bag of silver?  He seemed like a fit so will talk again Monday.
Also Paige Sayles applied – she did have something on her resume about working in a Starbucks – interested and asked what she learned while working at Starbucks – what I recall was she had only worked there 1 month experience but the attachment here shows lot more. It is interesting in that the thing that really gets these dispensaries on board is not the ticket brokerage but rather the coffee shop. A coincidence or someone that wants to be hired?

Good, call me Monday afternoon about 4 PM PST.

We are a new ancillary business in the cannabis industry which is right now in its infancy. We believe we are addressing a niche which is not being currently handled but has the potential of being huge. If you have sincere interest on coming on board and getting a piece of the pie please follow these steps. There are 3 phases of the interview because this is a sales position. First you need to email me and convince me to give you a phone interview. Second, the phone interview will consist of convincing me you can sell over the phone. If you handle those 2 tasks well we can arrange a personal interview. Thanks and look forward to meeting you. Send to However, before you do any of this become familiar with our 2 websites and what we do – and We are implementing additional businesses into retail cannabis operation to help mitigate tax burdens. This in the form of an online ticket brokerage and a coffee shop/bestro.


I’m getting signage for the Ticket Business as EZ Ticket and for the Consulting Business as MJ Consulting Services. Initially tomorrow should have the front door and windows then next week the outside signs. This should increase the foot traffic and sales for EZ Ticket. As of right now the ticket business is what I am living on for support. It’s not coming from investors nor other sales or subscriptions. I would like to diversify with MJ Consulting and all the other offerings.



Paid Blog – MJ Mike

“now I have some girl they found me to play MJ in the reality show. I told them I wanted someone really hot to play MJ not by her. I’m supposed to have sex with her every so often. But she wants to get paid to be one of my interests. I thought I was done with prostitutes when I divorced Laura. But hey, what’s money for – pay for things you want or need.”

I thought of recipe – working guys and gals – Budweiser.

Need canna butter to make your edibles. This is especially critical if you don’t have the money to buy it in a store.

1 Stick Butter slow melted on cook top
1/3 tsp salt
1/8 oz Purple Trainwreck This results in about 50:50 CBD to THC
1/8 oz Sour Tsunami Lion
cook 1 hour on lowest heat until butter stops bubbling
strain butter
pour into butter molds – (manufacture and patent butter molds)
and place in refrigerator to harden

Residue is called Bud Snuff – sort of like dipping tobacco

Then I thought really great idea – flavored Bud Snuff – brand and trademark

That would be a huge market to sell that stuff – I mean what is the market size for smokeless tobacco?”

So there are 2 spin off ideas. This after my idea to bring a coffee shop into the tax solution. I believe there are great opportunities here for our company

And the way to make these come to fruition is to market and advertise. Brand MJ Mikes. And to do that – get the exposure is to have MJ Mike at the center of a reality show. This about the new cannabis industry and a reality show about a cannabis entrepeneur.

I want Walt to be in as himself
Mary(s) to be in
get ex Laura in it
MJ Mike (me) – more later about why I would be interesting
Get someone really HOT! to play MJ – more about her later
about if we had sex for her to get the role of girlfriend on the show?
anyways this will get a lot of interest into branding and also to get people to subscribe for my paid blog. An excerpt appears at the top of this post. I expect to raise the $500K from that alone to secure the debt offering for the company.

This is the first post to the paid blog which is visible at other names might use

Evening Thoughts

Why do I think people would pay to subscribe to My Blog?

  1. I would be interesting in that I am starting a new business in the new Cannabis Industry. I’m doing this from a difficult situation as I am not funded but rather doing this from a shoestring budget.
  2. I am starting this new business when most people my age start thinking about retiring. I moved across country to a new area for me. This is exciting to see what happens to this “Old Fart”.
  3. Since I am in the cannabis industry I have elected to treat myself with Medical Marijuana extracts and derivatives rather than with conventional western medicine. If I am going to preach about the positives of cannabis I need to “Drink the Koolaid”.
  4. The Blog is a stepping stone to a reality TV Series about a new cannabis business and the events and days involved with it.
  5. I am going through a divorce after a long term relationship for except for the 4 years in prison spanned 25 years. Along with what happens there. If written right that would be interesting in of itself – not to mention I’m barred from posting anything on social media by the court.  She would be a very interesting character – ex-dancer, made money from going on dates with men, been hospitalized 3 times in the last year and a half for mental issues – and outside of our separation for the elderly abuse conviction – there are many more things. Just talk with her as she would be an interesting character.
  6. Understanding about how the event ticket business works and how I had supported my family after losing my previous occupations and other turmoil in life is also noteworthy and could be very interesting. I will give a running overview of the ticket brokerage business and explaining how to integrate it into the cannabis business along with the coffee bistro.

So subscribe to our blog – It will be more than worth the subscription fee – We guarantee it!

Ticket Business

Here is a sample purchase of tickets for Modest Mouse at Verizon Theatre in Grand Prairie on Friday July 22, 2016.

The event was not listed in any of my services for presales passcodes. I found out about the event from an email I received from AXS weekly – entitled

AXS Weekly Event Email

Look at page three and you will see events listed as presales with the Public Onsale dates. The Brit Floyd would be a good group to buy except that it is on a Tuesday and won’t buy tickets for a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday (always exceptions and this is what causes problems – going against your rules.) So skip this and concentrate on Modest Mouse.  As I said previously could not find the passcode in any of my services since they did not list the event. I extrapolated from the passcode for the Bank of OK event the previous day – Passcode – MMBN2016  I also bought three pairs of Modest Mouse for Portland yesterday.

ModestMousePresale_Scalping Disclaimer

If you look at the disclaimer in the lower left the Verizon Theatre is delaying delivery of the tickets to detect possible scalping and over ticket limit orders. However this anti Ticket Broker pro Ticket Promoter issue has been decided in court already allowing the free market buying and selling trade of event tickets.

TicketPurchase – Modest Mouse_Verizon_GP TMPresale_ModestMouse

TicketPurchase – Modest Mouse_Verizon_GP_Redacted

Thus I bought a 4 pack of these tickets. However, the exact seats are unknown until the delivery of the tickets after February 4, 2016.

In the meantime I received an order from Stubhub for 2 SW Rodeo tickets for this Saturday.

Ticket Sale

I originally purchased 32 tickets for this event on Saturday for $35.72 each in . I now have 4 tickets left for this event which will sell. (Oh, since I’ve been writing this I sold another pair so only have 2 tickets left) The order from Stubhub is roughly the same as all sales with a net of $90 a ticket. Thus the original 32 tickets cost me about $1140 and sold for about $2900 for a 152% net profit in less than 60 days.


The only reason I didn’t buy more tickets is because of cash restraints at the time. If I had the funds I would have bought probably 100 tickets for each Saturday evening performances – I have done this for six years now and consistently make this kind of return on it. I currently have 32 Rodeo Tickets for the last show next weekend of which I originally bought 40, Having sold 8 to date. The potential for the 4 Saturday 7:30 performance with 100 tickets each would be a cost of approximately $14,300 and revenues of $36,000.

That is the potential of the ticket business and can be consistent returns except for buying tickets that go unsold. This can happen particularly to newcomers to the business. There is a strong learning curve to the ticket business and why we recommend having a managed system for at least 6 months until familiarity with the tasks becomes second nature.

On Saturday Bruce Springsteen and his E Street Band tickets go on sale. Not sure if there is a presale as of yet.  Some of the sales have already happened and are sold out. A total of 29 stops with potential of getting 4-8 tickets for each. Cost of tickets are $69-$154 each. I just don’t have the wherewithal for that now but with the enough capital this buy campaign could easily bring in $50,000 in sales with profit of approximately $30,000 in at the most 6 months. The key to success in the ticket business is not to be too greedy. Get in and take your sales in a quick time and move on to the next event. Some people that buy Adele or Bruce Springsteen or Justin Bieber or whoever tickets want to hold out for a 500% return. They may get it but then again may not and sit on their tickets for 4-6 months and then actually sell for break even or even a loss.  Right now I have 2 pairs of Black Jacket Symphony in Lexington,KY for tomorrow evening on the aisle in the first and second row. They are very good seats and I have done well on that group before, However the tickets cost me $172 for the 4 and may end up eating them. I have them listed for $45 each now. There is another pair on Stubhub listed for $69 each.  We will know at 6 PM PST tomorrow where we stand with those.

January 29, 2016    8:59 PM

Have done about $1100 in ticket sales so far today and bought about $750 worth of tickets for Billy Bob’s in Fort Worth for show in March.  Jerry Jeff Walker, Wade Bowen and David Nail. All on first row of tables. My experience is those will all sell for about 120% profit. I’m low on cash now but getting good cash flow from the ticket business.  I have 2 Paypal accounts sent money from one Paypal to the other and then charged the 3 sets of tickets on the PayPal Debit Mastercard. The funds from sales last 2 days will be in to cover it in 2 days.

Morning Thoughts


I moved to Oregon from Texas last November. Recently, Gallup conducted a poll regarding adult usage of marijuana. I believe the resulting numbers are artificially skewed low at 13% for yes. I visited 2 dispensaries/rec stores yesterday doing market research posing as a customer. I purchased two 1 gram packages at each store. I conducted a small, quick survey myself of the people waiting to enter the sales areas. In the first there were 6 patrons waiting and I stated that recently Gallup conducted a poll regarding cannabis use. My question was “if someone approached you on the street with a clipboard and they said your answers will be completely anonymous but asked you if you smoked marijuana what would you say?” 4 of the 6 and 3 of the 5 in the other store said they would answer negatively. That was 55% would answer falsely. My basis for this assumption is that every one of these were customers there for the explicit purpose to buy cannabis.  I don’t believe any of them appeared to be buying for their 5 year old epileptic child. 

That was a very small study and because of that not statistically significant. The implications of this could be numerous. I know how marketing and advertising works. I have my own ideas about what these results mean but I believe the numbers are way low. 58% of the adult population support legalization. The American people don’t support something that they don’t personally believe in and use. 

I think there are 2 possible answers to this. The first would be as I have stated above that these numbers are false and the results are erroneously low. The second and more ominous would be a deliberate attempt to publish low numbers. Everyone understands that cannabis is the fastest growing industry in the world now. I believe that the actual target market is closer to 50%, not 13%. If the market is in reality 4 times what it appears on the surface and your goal is to control that market once it is matured and seasoned, wouldn’t it make sense to ward off other competitors? Cannabis will become legal in 5-10 years and at that time there will be a cannabis aisle in every Costco or Walmart.

The cannabis industry is a huge industry right now, but will get even bigger. It is too disjointed and dominated by paranoia, maybe rightly so. Our competition is not amongst ourselves but rather outside. When I first started MJ Consulting some 20 year old called me a civilian. That was hilarious as I have been a patient for the last 18 months but I’ve been a fan since I was a teenager back in Texas. Last time I grew was while in college in the 70s.

The business would be a lot more profitable now if it weren’t for all the rules, regulations, taxes and fees that are absent in other industries. There are things that can be done now to make and keep more money. I asked an accountant here in Portland that handles the majority of cannabis businesses what he was doing about 280E. His answer was nothing just recommending to pay the taxes. Well it’s not his money. He had looked at our 280E solution putting in a secondary business into retail operations. I asked if he had any strategy and he said “no, I don’t want to raise any red flags and get an audit.” I asked if he thought all his clients would be audited because of the nature of the business and he responded affirmatively. I probably didn’t handle it correctly since I likened his “can’t do anything about it” attitude to what got 6 million Jews killed in the Holocaust. Maybe I overreacted comparing the elimination to 6 million human lives to having to pay exorbitant taxes, but I thought he is useless as a CPA. An accountant’s duty is to find ways to reduce taxes, research them and then give his recommendation. The business owners job is to decide to implement or not.

My ex-wife the physician told me she needed to find an new accountant as hers of many years was retiring. I asked her what type she was looking for. She said “I don’t want a daredevil, someone who will take questionable deductions and get me in an audit.” That is the mindset of most accountants. They believe all their clients are physicians, dentists and other conservative businessmen and women. That is not the case in cannabis. The entrepreneurs in cannabis are pioneers willing to take risks. They are working in an illegal industry that they have the potential of losing all their possessions and could end up going to jail for. They didn’t get in the business for a few pennies but rather more. As Vincente Sederberg, a cannabis attorney from Denver states on his homepage:

“Our clients are trailblazers, building a new and vibrant industry from scratch. Each and every one of them has made a conscious decision to assume a certain level of risk in order to change the course of history. As trailblazers ourselves, we take pride in being with them every step along the way, helping them navigate and overcome unique legal and regulatory challenges. We understand every aspect of the marijuana industry — even aspects that are not yet fully developed. Whether you are looking to enter the industry or invest in it, we can assist and guide you.”

Find attorneys, accountants, consultants, vendors and advisors that actually help you. There are way too many in the industry now just trying to make a quick buck. Everyone has their hand out wanting you to put money in it. I tell people if you advertise there are 2 important things to remember. First, your results should be quantifiable.  Secondly, you should have a minimum ROI of 2 to 1. Our 280E solution is sold as a way to increase sales but can reduce taxes also. It is a 27 to 1 return. Our original tag line for MJ Consulting was “Making Cannabis Distribution Profitable” as that is the purpose .

I’ve been in advertising since I spun off Alphadontics in 1986 as a specialty advertising firm when I was a practicing periodontist. I believe it is what gave my daughter an early interest in the field. She now works as the creative director for a major traditional ad agency, having done a couple Super Bowl commercials.

Many of the current entrepreneurs in this industry are operating with a false sense of security. They say “We don’t need advertising, we’re too busy now”.  I congratulate them for their success now but the landscape of the industry can and will change. We are seeking the visionaries in this field and not looking for those that will be flipping burgers in 5-10 years. We want the groups that understand business and want to be the Pizza Hut or Anheiser Busch of cannabis even though they are not there yet. 

Cannabis advertising now consists of almost all branding or what I refer to as “Junk Advertising“. Advertising in cannabis is not the same as selling dish soap or Toyotas. The restrictive limitations are numerous, no television, radio, limited print and display ads. So many are turning to what they believe is their only alternative, “Specialty Advertising” This is a necessary part to building a brand and getting awareness. Currently it seems that the only real advertising is in social media. 

I talk with cannabis business owners everyday and they all want a free consult which I’m willing to give. I will ask them what they are doing with social media. They will say Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and doing well. Myself, I thought I knew social media but it wasn’t until I hired professionals to do a consistent job that we started getting results. E Cigarettes had a similar dilemma as cannabis. The FCC banned radio and television adds. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram were off limits and the only thing was the new Google Plus. Our people were able to take e-Cigs from oblivion to a multi-billion dollar publicly traded company. We can do that for cannabis also.  Our tagline now is “We Build Relationships and Provide Results.” 


Went to a Meet up last night for All Things Cannabis!!! – Meet  The Professionals. However not sure if that is not next Monday. There were about 10 vendors there few glass ware makers and the rest extraction processors or growers. The cost to join NW Cannabis Club – the last cannabis social club in Portland. cost is $20 for lifetime membership and $5 cover each time.  I met a lot of people there with the main theme they were dabbing – vaporizing BHO or MJ Rosin. I still don’t like smoking and that was still harse to my lungs – I prefer to ingest. I was told no pictures because of privacy but I did take some iphone videos. I will go back next Monday and set up a table. Hopefully have someone else with me and could probably set up a camera behind me to record. People are still somewhat paranoid about cannabis even though is legal here in Oregon and also of outsiders. I believe this is the route to take to become known.

You will know you have attained your goal when you can do it effortlessly. “When you have learned to walk on the rice paper.” When you can walk without being seen by the motion detector. If you have to be undetected you won’t be. If you have to believe something is true then it won’t be. It has to be effortless to be true.

Measure 91 – Vote Yes November 4th

      The Oregon Legalized Marijuana Initiative, Measure 91 is on the November 4, 2014 statewide ballot in Oregon as an initiated state statute. If approved by voters, the measure would legalize recreational marijuana for people ages 21 and older, allowing adults over this age to possess up to eight ounces of “dried” marijuana and up to four plants. Additionally, the measure would task the Oregon Liquor Control Commission with regulating sales of the drug. The initiative is being sponsored by the group “New Approach Oregon.” Anthony Johnson, the chief petitioner, hoped legislators would refer the measure to the ballot, however they failed to do so before the 2014 session ended on March 10, 2014. It is also known as the Control, Regulation, and Taxation of Marijuana and Industrial Hemp Act of 2014.

Text Of Measure

Oregon Legalized Marijuana Initiative – Measure 91 on November 4th